Bethel Funerals have been a key part of our inbound marketing journey. We commenced with Bethel by answering their brand positioning brief.

Our solution was to provide context around the benefit of being a not-for-profit funeral directorship – that is, with Bethel Funerals you (and your love one) leave a legacy that supports mission, humanitarian or community causes, rather than for organisational profit.

Bethel are a smaller player in the funeral industry with 3 locations competing against large corporate style funeral businesses, so we needed to be smart and be the most customer centric funeral home.


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Our challenge was to take this new positioning and use it as a foundation to generate more inbound traffic and leads. The problem, or so we thought, was that customers when ‘at need’ simply need care and a human solution – not content.

However, we found that there was a lot of search traffic for content that people were using to navigate their way through this time of sadness.


In addition to developing a foundational brand positioning around the benefit of being a not-for-profit funeral director, we have continuously developed a comprehensive inbound content marketing program to attracting the desired personas via their buyers’ journey.

Activities included the development of content ‘pillars’ that genuinely help grieving families (such as, tools and guides for ‘planning a funeral’ and how to ‘remember your loved one’). Plus, we undertook video and copywriting production, SEO and amplification of campaign assets across owned and social media channels.


The benefit of the inbound marketing plan and content is wider than purely metrics (though they are good!). The positioning helps staff align their purpose with that of Bethel’s which in turn drives employee engagement and customer satisfaction. The benefit of quality, valuable content helps and provides customers with confidence no matter where they are along their journey.

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Website Design, Development & SEO


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Content Marketing: Valuable Resources

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