Battery powered cleaning equipment have a strong appeal for local municipalities who mostly have a green procurement mandate. Our client had identified the opportunity to create a new brand that represents a new battery powered, zero emissions business with environmental values at its core.


Despite sustainability and more specifically, an environmental mandate, many local governments still exhibit inertia and cynicism around climate change - perceiving that an environmental solution will be inferior from an economic and performance point of view.


EcoTeq was established as a 100% electric products-based business with a purpose of helping to reduce our reliance on fossil fuels.

Get: People within local governments who are feeling like they are banging their heads against a brick wall with colleagues on climate related procurement

To: Overcome inertia by influencing procurement on both climate and performance criteria

By: Showing them that EcoTeq offers no compromise between climate, performance and safety criteria

Ultimately, we wanted to empower local governments to feel that EcoTeq offered them the best of both worlds – Zero emissions and performance.

Key message = ‘Zero Emissions for a Cleaner Planet’


A completely new brand identity including style guide with applications for marketing communications was created including:

  • Company and product brochures
  • Website design
  • Copy writing for the website
  • Stationery and documents design
  • Trade show design
  • Product sub branding and promotional wrap design
EcoTeq Branding


EcoTeq Logo

EcoTeq Brand Elements


Brand Elements       

EcoTeq Style Guide


Style Guide

EcoTeq Brochure



EcoTeq Business Card


Business Cards

EcoTeq Machine Wrap


Machine Wraps

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