Networking is a well-worn and known marketing tactic. It’s particularly useful for service-based businesses across financial, legal, property, well-being, marketing and personal services. So, when we were approached by Fresh Networking to pitch for their marketing account, we thought we knew all about networking. How wrong were we!


Unlike other networking groups, Fresh Networking is about creating connections and not simply referrals. And of course, referrals are what most people join networking for. Our challenge was to re brand Fresh Networking’s positioning in a way that represented the Fresh Networking experience and was more persuasive than competitors based on referral generation.


Working with the Fresh leadership team we based our strategy on rich insight and strong direction.

Observation: People quickly become tired of structured transactional networking

Insight: More than anything people want to connect before committing to buying and referring.

The strategy was to bring to life the fun and less structured, connections-based approach that Fresh takes to networking.

Key message = ‘More Connections, Less Blah!’


  • The re brand campaign was centred around the insight above and the positioning line… ‘More Connections, Less Blah’.
  • The visual language we created to bring the Fresh brand to life centred around the ‘Connections Loop’. This device was designed to provide a visual expression of the meaningful conversations and connections that we have when Fresh Networking.
  • The ‘Connections Loop’ encompasses the core values of the Fresh brand which include teamwork, generosity and community.
  • The much loved multi coloured Fresh Networking brand was retained and paired with a distinctive and complimentary colour suite. And because Fresh is bold we chose Filson Pro as the typography to match the active nature of the brand.
  • A brand new website with dynamic content integrated with Zoho CRM and Eventbrite.
  • Revitalised content including video, blogs, academy events and webinar presentations.


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Fresh Online. Check it out here!

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