We are very proud to have been the creator and developer of the Maggie Beer Foundation Professional Community. An online platform available to the cooks and chefs working in the aged care community who have completed Maggie Beer Foundation Education – a Masterclass or Online Module.

We created a moderated forum to enable Alumni members to discuss topics or hold group discussions, engage with a mentor or peers to ask questions, offer solutions and network within the industry in a secure format.


The Foundation platform needed to facilitate collaboration with experts, chefs, dietitians, and speech pathologists, to share knowledge and review recipes that are scalable and or changed for texture modified diets. The Online professional community should also facilitate the sharing of over 200 recipes and allow cooks, chefs and the moderator are able to manage and increase the number of recipes available to the Alumni for their use.


Education Courses
We created an online platform for MBF Masterclass Courses to be shopped via a directory of courses available as we wanted to encourage visitors to learn, engage and enquire to register/pay via William Angliss and Altura for the course content. Details of registered participants are supplied back to MBF from Altura via an API integration. This data is then used to populate a searchable database of MBF accredited cooks and chefs.
The Forum
The Forum closed and special environment for current and past course participants. Cooks and Chefs can engage in discussion and search on topics based on a database that is indexed by season/time of day/meal type/meal stage/resident need.

Admin (CMS)
Content and moderation of the forum content would be managed via a Laravel PHP content management system (CMS). All updates to copy, images/videos including the searchable recipe and case study database can be made by MBF in the CMS Additionally, there is a database contained in the CMS for registered/accredited cooks who’ve completed the courses with users being able to self-manage their profile plus have a newsletter opt in form and database which are integrated with mailchimp for email marketing purposes.


It’s very early days…. however, within the first two weeks of going live, we have seen 19 direct courses purchased and over 70 organisational enquiries with quotes going out fast. With many organisations signing up to train between 50-100 learners!



Site Map and Wireframes



Maggie Beer Foundation Professionals Site. Check it out here!






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