Pine timber is generally characterised by being susceptible to the fluctuations of a commodity marketplace – prices rising and falling based on levels of supply and little if any, brand knowledge or preference from end users.

It was this situation and environment that we commenced work in with Timberlink in Tasmania, the home of their mill. However, there was one difference. Timberlink wanted to test whether or not this commodity market situation could be disrupted.


To test whether building a brand in a commodity marketplace could grow demand and prove resilient to pricing fluctuations.


We commenced our journey in the place you might expect – with market research. A used a series of qualitative groups across Tasmanian community to develop insights around the industry and the local Timberlink business. What we found out was that Tasmanian’s sense of care and concern for their fellow citizens was significant.

Key insight: Tasmanian’s care for each other fuels a sense of pride in each other’s achievements.

Creative strategy: Timberlink is much more than made in Tasmania. It’s Made of Tasmania.


We were inspired by this positioning to develop the campaign line “Together we build”. We build community though social action; we build local jobs; we build sustainability; and we build a safer workplace.

A fully integrated creative and media campaign covering TV, press, outdoor, and online advertising was created and a website with content assets was build and created.

The test market showed that market share had grown while key lead indicators such as brand awareness, brand preference and brand perception have been measured via survey research and have all shown significant growth. The campaign has now been running successfully for over 4 years.


2021/22 TVC


2018/19 TVC


Made of Tasmania website.

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Press Ad

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Outdoor Ad

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