RPR Hair Care is a family owned Australian business that creates professional salon products. They came to us with the need to develop their outdated, and single-focused website into a house of brands for both hairdressers and direct customers who are after the latest fashion styles while maintaining optimal hair heath.

The previous site was suffering from security issues and suited trade transactions for salons, however did not speak to the direct consumer. RPR wanted to rejuvenate their brands and by creating a house of brands. They wanted to create a fully functioning, user-friendly, ecommerce site that offered a seamless shopping experience for direct consumers.  To achieve this, application integrations with their accounting and shipping platforms, MYOB EXO and Australia Post were required.


  • Retail users of RPR products to be priority target market.

  • Seamless shopping experience.

  • Bring RPR Brands back to life, giving each brand space for their own unique voice.

  • Emphasise the high quality products being made in Australia and with natural ingredients.

  • Create the website to be a go to source of helpful material, such as: videos, articles, courses and product details for users, salons and hairdressers.

  • Functional layout to make products easy to find, in minimal clicks.

  • Find a way for new users of hair care products who can be unsure of the right product for them, to easily find the right fit product for them.


We explored a different layout which included featured products, incorporated a “find my match” tool where users can find the products they need according to their hair type. We planned for a blog and professional education sections where users can find resources suited to their needs.

Ingredients to be given more importance and placed on the homepage as well as featured in every product. We also needed to refine the shopping experience, to facilitate a smoother and organised flow.


RPR required a range of integrations to be developed in order for the new website to be fully functioning as well as automate and simplify processing orders. The following integrations were developed:

• MYOB EXO into WordPress

• Aus Post into WordPress

• Web Orders into EXO

• Amazon & Ebay into EXO

• Woo Commerce into WordPress

• Social media


The minimalist style chosen for RPR Hair Care was chosen to ensure products and ingredients were always pulled into focus. The range of RPR brands were also featured on their own pages to showcase individual messaging and style though photography and copy.


The clean look was kept to portray a stylised modern twist, without losing the functional aspect that an ecommerce site must have.